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FEDERAL COURT RULES 2011 (SLI NO 134 OF 2011) - RULE 21.04

Affidavit verifying written answers to interrogatories

         (1)   An affidavit verifying a party's written answers to interrogatories must be made by one of the following:

                (a)    the party;

               (b)    if the party is a person under a legal incapacity -- the person's litigation representative;

                (c)    if the party is a corporation or organisation -- an officer of the corporation or organisation;

               (d)    if the party is a body of persons lawfully suing or being sued in the name of the body or in the name of any officer or other person -- a member or officer of the body;

                (e)    if the party is the Crown or an officer of the Crown suing or being sued in the party's official capacity -- an officer of the Crown.

         (2)   However, if the party is a person mentioned in paragraph (1) (b), (c), (d) or (e), the party applying for the written answers may apply to the Court for an order specifying:

                (a)    by name or otherwise, the person to make the affidavit; or

               (b)    by reference to an officer or an office -- the persons from whom the party may choose the person to make the affidavit.

         (3)   A person making an affidavit under paragraph (1) (b), (c), (d) or (e) must know the facts to make the affidavit.

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