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FEDERAL COURT RULES 2011 (SLI NO 134 OF 2011) - RULE 27.13

Transfer from Federal Magistrates Court

         (1)   If the Federal Magistrates Court makes an order transferring a proceeding to the Court, the party who applied for the order or, if the order was made on the Federal Magistrates Court's own initiative, the applicant must file a copy of the order in the District Registry named in the order or, if not named, in the District Registry of the State or Territory where the order was made.

         (2)   The Registrar will attach a notice to the order, in accordance with Form 49.

Note    On receipt of the order, and at the time of attaching the notice, the Registrar will allocate a serial number to the order, as if the order were an originating application filed in the Registry, and attach a notice to the order.

         (3)   The party who files the order must serve a sealed copy of the order, and the notice that has been attached by the Registrar, on each party to the proceeding in the Federal Magistrates Court:

                (a)    at the party's address for service; or

               (b)    if the party does not have an address for service -- personally.

         (4)   After an order is filed and a notice attached, these Rules apply to the proceeding as if it were started in the Court.

Rules 27.14-27.20 left blank

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