Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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FEDERAL COURT RULES 2011 (SLI NO 134 OF 2011) - RULE 36.11


         (1)   A party may apply to the Court, constituted by a single Judge, for directions in relation to the management, conduct and hearing of an appeal.

         (2)   Without limiting subrule (1), a party may apply to the Court for an order for the following:

                (a)    an extension of the time within which to appeal;

               (b)    giving leave to amend the grounds of appeal;

                (c)    joining or removing of a party to the appeal;

               (d)    security for costs;

                (e)    giving summary judgment;

                (f)    making an interlocutory order pending, or after, the determination of an appeal to the Court;

               (g)    making an order by consent disposing of an appeal including an order for costs;

               (h)    dismissing an appeal for want of prosecution;

                (i)    vacating a hearing date;

                (j)    making an order that an appeal to the Court be dismissed for:

                          (i)    failure to comply with a direction of the Court; or

                         (ii)    failure of the appellant to attend a hearing relating to the appeal;

               (k)    the conduct of the appeal including:

                          (i)    contents of the appeal book; and

                         (ii)    the use of written submissions; and

                        (iii)    limiting the time for oral argument;

                (l)    the conduct of the appeal without an oral hearing subject to the condition that the parties be entitled to present written submissions;

              (m)    the staying of an order of the Full Court.

Note    This subrule sets out the powers mentioned in section 25 of the Act.

Rules 36.12 - 36.20 left blank

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