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FEDERAL COURT RULES 2011 (SLI NO 134 OF 2011) - RULE 36.32

Applications to intervene

         (1)   A person who was not a party to the proceeding in the court appealed from may apply to the Court for leave to intervene in an appeal.

         (2)   The person must satisfy the Court:

                (a)    that the intervener's contribution will be useful and different from the contribution of the parties to the appeal; and

               (b)    that the intervention would not unreasonably interfere with the ability of the parties to conduct the appeal as they wish; and

                (c)    of any other matter that the Court considers relevant.

Note 1    The role of the intervener is solely to assist the Court in resolving the issues raised by the parties.

Note 2    The Court may give leave to the intervener to intervene on conditions, and with the rights, privileges and liabilities (including liabilities for costs), determined by the Court.

Note 3    When giving leave, the Court may specify the form of assistance to be given by the intervener and the manner of participation of the intervener and, in particular:

(a)      the matters that the intervener may raise; and

(b)      whether the intervener's submissions are to be oral, in writing, or both.

Rules 36.33 - 36.40 left blank

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