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BAIL ACT 2013 - SECT 33

Bail acknowledgment to be given on grant of bail

33 Bail acknowledgment to be given on grant of bail

(1) A bail authority that grants bail to an accused person must, as soon as practicable, ensure the person is given a bail acknowledgment for the decision.
(2) A
"bail acknowledgment" is a written notice that--
(a) requires the accused person to appear before a court, on such day and at such time and place as are from time to time specified in a notice given or sent to the person as prescribed by the regulations, and
(b) requires the accused person to notify the court before which the accused person is required to appear of any change in the person's residential address.
Note : An accused person is not entitled to be released on bail under Part 2 until he or she signs the bail acknowledgment and gives it to the bail authority.
(3) An accused person who is granted bail is under a duty to comply with the requirements of the bail acknowledgment.
Note : An accused person who fails to appear as required by the bail acknowledgment commits an offence. Contravention of the requirements of a bail acknowledgment can also lead to bail being revoked.
(4) The bail acknowledgment must also--
(a) warn the person that committing an offence while on bail could result in a more severe penalty being imposed on conviction for that offence, and
(b) set out the bail conditions (if any), and
(c) explain the consequences that may follow if the person fails to comply with his or her bail acknowledgment or bail conditions, and
(d) include any information regarding the review or variation of the decision the regulations require to be provided when bail is granted.
(5) The bail authority is to take reasonably practicable steps to ensure that the person granted bail understands the bail acknowledgment.
(6) The regulations may make further provision for bail acknowledgments.

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