New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Body piercing of children

230A Body piercing of children

(1) In this section,
"body piercing" means piercing a part of the body of a person to insert a ring, bar or other thing through that body part.
(2) A person must not perform body piercing on any part of--
(a) the genitalia of a child, or
(b) the nipples of a child.
: Maximum penalty--200 penalty units.
Note : An offence against subsection (2) committed by a corporation is an executive liability offence attracting executive liability for a director or other person involved in the management of the corporation--see section 258.
(3) It is not a defence to a prosecution for an offence under subsection (2) that the child or a parent of the child consented to the body piercing of the child.
(4) A person must not perform body piercing on any other part of a child's body unless the person has first obtained the consent of a parent of the child, given in accordance with this section, to the body piercing of that part of the child's body.
: Maximum penalty--30 penalty units.
(5) The consent of a parent to the body piercing must be given in person by a parent accompanying the child or in writing.
(6) This section does not apply in relation to any body piercing performed for a medical purpose.

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