New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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26A Definitions

(1) In this Part--

"CAS Act" means the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999 .

"injury" means personal injury and includes the following--
(a) impairment of a person's physical or mental condition,
(b) disease.

"offender in custody" or
"offender" means each of the following--
(a) an inmate within the meaning of the CAS Act, namely a person to whom Part 2 (Imprisonment by way of full-time detention) of that Act applies,
(b) an offender within the meaning of Part 3 (Imprisonment by way of intensive correction in the community) of the CAS Act,
(d) a detainee under the Children (Detention Centres) Act 1987 ,
(e) a person performing community service work under, or attending a place in compliance with the requirements of, an intensive correction order, a community correction order, or a children's community service order as provided by the CAS Act or the Children (Community Service Orders) Act 1987 , whether or not the person is an offender in custody under any other paragraph of this definition,
(f) a person in custody who is in the keeping of a correctional officer, as provided by Part 13 (Custody of persons during proceedings) of the CAS Act.

"personal injury damages" means damages that relate to the death of or injury to a person.

"protected defendant" means each of the following--
(a) the Crown (within the meaning of the Crown Proceedings Act 1988 ) and its servants,
(b) a Government department and members of staff of a Government department,
(c) a public health organisation (within the meaning of the Health Services Act 1997 ) and members of staff of a public health organisation,
(d) any person having public official functions or acting in a public official capacity (whether or not employed as a public official), but only in relation to the exercise of the person's public official functions,
(e) a management company or submanagement company (within the meaning of the CAS Act) and members of staff of such a company.

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