New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Provision of information to persons entitled to claim

26O Provision of information to persons entitled to claim

(1) A protected defendant must, in response to a request made during or within 1 month after the eligibility period for a victim trust fund by or on behalf of a person who appears to the protected defendant to be entitled to make a victim claim against the offender, provide such information as the protected defendant is reasonably able to provide concerning--
(a) the award of damages to the offender and the amount of the victim trust fund, and
(b) any other victim claim against the offender that may be eligible to be satisfied from the victim trust fund and of which the protected defendant has been given notice under this Division.
(2) The provision of information by a protected defendant under this section--
(a) is authorised despite any agreement to which the protected defendant is a party that would otherwise prohibit or restrict the disclosure of information concerning an award of offender damages, and
(b) does not constitute a contravention of any such agreement.
(3) A person to whom information is provided under this section must not disclose that information to any other person except for the purposes of or in connection with the taking and determination of proceedings on a victim claim against the offender concerned.
: Maximum penalty--50 penalty units.
(4) Proceedings for an offence under this section may be dealt with summarily before the Local Court.

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