New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Assistance to government school children with special needs

20 Assistance to government school children with special needs

(1) The Minister may provide or arrange special or additional assistance for government school children with special needs, such as--
(a) children with disabilities, or
(a1) children with significant learning difficulties, or
(b) children who live in isolated or remote areas, or
(c) children who are from non-English speaking backgrounds, or
(d) Aboriginal children, or
(e) children with special abilities, or
(f) children who are disadvantaged by their socio-economic background.
(2) Any such special or additional assistance may include the provision of financial assistance, facilities, courses of study, staff, staff training or distance education.
(3) Any such financial assistance is to be paid out of money to be provided by Parliament.
(4) For the purposes of subsection (1) (a1), a child has a significant learning difficulty if a qualified teacher or other qualified education professional is of the opinion that the child is not, regardless of the cause, performing in the basic educational areas of reading, writing, spelling and mathematics in accordance with the child's peer age group and stage of learning.

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