New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Closure of government schools

28 Closure of government schools

(1) The Minister may close a government school, but only in accordance with this section.
(2) The Minister is to announce by 15 June in each year, the schools that the Minister proposes to close. Any such schools are not to be closed until the end of the following year.
(3) Within 21 days of any such announcement, the Minister is to establish a School Closures Review Committee and notify in writing the Principal and President of the legally constituted parents organisation of each school concerned of that decision.
(4) The School Closures Review Committee is to review and make recommendations to the Minister concerning the closure of a school if the majority of the parents of the children attending the school have, within 21 days of an announcement under subsection (2), submitted a request in writing to the Minister that a review of its closure be undertaken.
(5) The School Closures Review Committee is to comprise--
(a) an independent person appointed by the Minister, who is to chair the Committee,
(b) the Secretary or nominee of the Secretary,
(c) a nominee of the Local Government Association of New South Wales,
(d) a nominee of the Federation of Parents' and Citizens Associations,
(e) a nominee of the Secretary who is, in the opinion of the Secretary, a senior member of staff of the Department,
(f) a nominee of the New South Wales Teachers Federation, and
(g) a nominee of the Minister.
(6) In conducting a review, the Committee--
(a) is to call for submissions and seek expert demographic and educational advice for both the present and future use of the school, and
(b) is to seek out and have regard to the views of teachers, local communities and parents of the children attending the schools whose proposed closure is being reviewed, and
(c) is required to meet with representatives of those teachers, local communities and parents.
(7) In making any recommendations concerning the closure of a school, the Committee is to have regard primarily to the educational needs of the local community concerned and of the State.
(8) The Committee is to report to the Minister by 30 September of the year in which it is established.
(9) If the Minister does not accept any recommendation of the Committee, the Minister is to make public within 21 days the reasons for the decision.
(10) The procedure outlined in this section for the closure of a school does not apply--
(a) in the case of a one-teacher school, or
(b) if the majority of the parents of children attending the school approve of the closure, or
(c) if the Minister is satisfied that there are exceptional or emergency circumstances which require an earlier closure of the school.
(11) The Department is to inform the Authority of the closure of a government school.

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