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Approval to provide courses to overseas students

83O Approval to provide courses to overseas students

(1) The Authority may, on the application of a provider, approve the provider to provide courses at a government school or registered non-government school to overseas students enrolled at the school.
(2) An approval may (according to the terms of the approval) apply to such courses generally, to specified classes of such courses or to a specified course or courses.
(3) An application for approval must be in such form, and be accompanied by such fee, as the Authority may determine.
(4) The Authority may require an applicant to furnish further information in relation to the application.
(5) An approval has effect for such period as is specified in the approval, commencing on a date so specified.
(6) Approval may be granted unconditionally or subject to such conditions (which may be imposed when the approval is granted or at any later time) as the Authority determines.
(7) Examples of the conditions that may be imposed include the following--
(a) conditions specifying the premises in or from which the courses to which the approval relates are to be conducted,
(b) conditions requiring the payment (including periodic payment while the approval remains in force) of fees to the Authority in respect of the approval.
(8) The Authority must not refuse an application for approval except on the grounds that--
(a) the applicant has not furnished such further information in relation to the application as the Authority requires, or
(b) the Authority has reasonable grounds to believe that the applicant will not comply with the national code (within the meaning of the Commonwealth Act), or
(c) the Authority is not satisfied that all relevant Commonwealth criteria are met.
(9) In this section,
"relevant Commonwealth criteria" , in relation to an application for approval, means the criteria that the Authority (in its role as a designated authority within the meaning of the Commonwealth Act) is required to certify as having been met for the purposes of recommending that the applicant be registered as a provider under the Commonwealth Act.

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