New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Revocation of licence

24 Revocation of licence

(cf APMC 6, 1989 Act s 36, 1990 Reg cl 27)

(1) A licence that authorises a person to possess or use a firearm is automatically revoked if the licensee becomes subject to a firearms prohibition order or an apprehended violence order.
(1A) The Commissioner must revoke a licence that is held for the purpose of employment as an armed security guard (within the meaning of the Security Industry Act 1997 ) if--
(a) the licensee has failed to undertake any firearm safety training required under this Act or the regulations, or
(b) in the case of a licensee who holds a class 1F licence or a visitor permit authorising the licensee to carry out security activities of a kind authorised by a 1F licence under the Security Industry Act 1997 --the 1F licence or visitor permit is revoked under that Act or the licensee contravenes any condition of the firearms licence under this Act.
(2) A licence may be revoked--
(a) for any reason for which the licensee would be required to be refused a licence of the same kind, or
(b) if the licensee--
(i) supplied information which was (to the licensee's knowledge) false or misleading in a material particular in, or in connection with, the application for the licence, or
(ii) contravenes any provision of this Act or the regulations, whether or not the licensee has been convicted of an offence for the contravention, or
(iii) contravenes any condition of the licence, or
(c) if the Commissioner is of the opinion that the licensee is no longer a fit and proper person to hold a licence, or
(c1) if the Commissioner is satisfied that the licensee, through any negligence or fraud on the part of the licensee, has caused a firearm to be lost or stolen, or
(d) for any other reason prescribed by the regulations.
(2A) If the Commissioner revokes a licence because the licence holder would be refused a licence on the grounds referred to in section 11 (5A), the Commissioner is not, under this or any other Act or law, required to give any reasons for revoking the licence on those grounds.
(3) The Commissioner of Police may revoke a licence by serving personally or by post on the licensee a notice stating that the licence is revoked and the reason for revoking it.
(4) The revocation of a licence by such a notice takes effect when the notice is served or on a later date specified in the notice.
(5) The Commissioner may, by serving a further notice on the holder of a licence, cancel a notice revoking a licence before the notice takes effect.

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