New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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139 Definitions

(cf Police Powers (Drug Premises) Act 2001 , s 3)

(1) In this Division--

"cultivation by enhanced indoor means" , in relation to a prohibited plant, has the same meaning as in the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 .

"drug premises" means any premises that are used for either or both of the following--
(a) the unlawful supply or manufacture of prohibited drugs,
(b) the unlawful cultivation of prohibited plants by enhanced indoor means.

"lookout" , in relation to premises, means a person who is in the vicinity of the premises for the purpose of communicating to any person on the premises to warn the person of impending police action.

"money" includes any valuable thing or security for money.

"occupier" of premises includes the lessee or sublessee who is not the owner of the premises.

"owner" of premises includes any person--
(a) who is entitled to freehold possession of the premises, or
(b) who is in actual receipt of, or entitled to receive, or if the premises were let to a tenant, would be entitled to receive, the rents and profits of the premises.

"prohibited drug" does not include cannabis leaf, cannabis oil or cannabis resin.
(2) A reference in this Division to an offence includes a reference to an offence that there are reasonable grounds for believing has been, is being, or is to be, committed (as the case requires).
(3) For the purposes of this Division, a thing is connected with a particular offence if it is--
(a) a thing with respect to which the offence has been committed, or
(b) a thing that will provide evidence of the commission of the offence, or
(c) a thing that was used, or is intended to be used, in or in connection with the commission of an offence.

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