New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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209 Records

(1) A record, containing the particulars prescribed by the regulations, must be made by--
(a) any police officer who detains an intoxicated person under this Part and takes the person to an authorised place of detention, and
(b) the person in charge of an authorised place of detention where an intoxicated person is detained (or a person authorised to do so by that person in charge), and
(c) a person who, under this Part, searches a detained person.
(2) A person who has custody of a record required to be made by this section must retain the record for a period of 3 years after it is made.
(3) A person who has the custody of a record made under this section must, when required to do so by a person authorised by the Minister for the purposes of this subsection, make it available for inspection by that person.
(4) This section does not require a person to make a record of a matter in relation to the detention or search of an intoxicated person, if another person has already made a record of that matter as required by this section.

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