New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Applicable filming protocol

119D Applicable filming protocol

(1) For the purposes of this Division, the
"applicable filming protocol" in relation to a council is--
(a) the filming protocol, issued by the Departmental Chief Executive under this section, as in force from time to time, or
(b) if the council has adopted a filming protocol and it has been approved by order in writing by the Departmental Chief Executive--that filming protocol.
(2) The Departmental Chief Executive may, by order in writing, issue a filming protocol that includes any of the following--
(a) information about procedures for obtaining approvals for carrying out filming,
(b) guidelines or heads of consideration to be taken into account by councils in determining applications for approvals made in a filming proposal,
(c) codes of conduct for the carrying out of filming,
(d) provisions for determining fees for an application, and fees and charges for services related to an application, made in a filming proposal,
(e) any other matter related to filming.
(3) The Departmental Chief Executive must not approve a filming protocol adopted by a council unless the Departmental Chief Executive is satisfied that it is comparable to the filming protocol issued by the Departmental Chief Executive.
(4) Before issuing a filming protocol, or approving a filming protocol adopted by a council, the Departmental Chief Executive must consult with such persons or bodies as he or she considers appropriate for such period as he or she considers appropriate.
(5) Except as provided by sections 119B(2A) and 119C(2A), a filming protocol has no effect to the extent that it is inconsistent with an express provision of an Act or statutory instrument.

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