New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Special entertainment precinct

202 Special entertainment precinct

(1) This section is about establishing a special entertainment precinct.
(2) A
"special entertainment precinct" is an area in which--
(a) amplified music that is played in the area is regulated by or under a law other than the Liquor Act 2007 , and
(b) requirements about noise attenuation apply to certain types of development in the area, and
(c) dedicated live music and performance venues are authorised to trade for an additional 60 minutes under the Liquor Act 2007 , section 12A(4).
(3) A special entertainment precinct may be established by--
(a) the council for the area in which the precinct will be located, by identifying the precinct in a local environmental plan that applies to the land on which the precinct will be located, or
(b) the Minister in a State Environmental Planning Policy, but only at the request of the council for the area in which the precinct will be located.
(4) A special entertainment precinct may consist of--
(a) a single premises, or
(b) a precinct, streetscape or otherwise defined locality in the council's area.
(5) If a council establishes a special entertainment precinct, the council must--
(a) prepare a plan for regulating noise from amplified music from premises in the special entertainment precinct and publish it on the council's website, and
(b) notify the following persons about the special entertainment precinct including, for example, by notice published on its website or a notation on planning certificates for land in the precinct--
(i) residents living in the area,
(ii) persons moving into the area.
(6) In this section--

"dedicated live music and performances venue" has the same meaning as in the Liquor Act 2007 .

"planning certificate" means a certificate under section 10.7 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 .

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