New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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306 Nominations

(1) A person who is not duly nominated is not eligible for election as a councillor, or for election by the electors of an area as mayor.
(2) To be duly nominated for election as a councillor for an area, or for election as mayor of an area by the electors of an area, a person must be enrolled as an elector for the area, and must be qualified to hold that civic office, at the closing date for the election.
(3) A person may not be nominated for election as a councillor for more than one ward.
(4) A nomination is to be proposed to and made by the returning officer as prescribed by the regulations and may be withdrawn by the nominee as prescribed by the regulations.
(5) A nomination is to be rejected if the returning officer has not been paid the deposit prescribed by the regulations for the nomination or (if none is prescribed) a deposit of 50 per cent of the deposit required to be deposited for the nomination of a candidate for election to the Legislative Assembly.
(5A) However, if a group that comprises more than 5 candidates--
(a) proposes the nomination of all members of the group, and pays the deposit for the nomination of all members of the group, at the same time, and
(b) has lodged a claim under section 308A(2),
the amount of the deposit for each candidate included in the group is 5 times the deposit for one candidate divided by the number of candidates in that group.
(6) If a returning officer rejects a proposed nomination and the nominated person applies in writing for an explanation of the rejection, the returning officer must provide the nominated person with a written explanation within 7 days.
(7) A deposit may be refunded in accordance with the regulations.

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