New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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400V Chairperson

(1) The chairperson of a joint organisation is the person elected to the office of chairperson by the voting representatives on the board from among the voting representatives who are mayors.
(2) The chairperson holds office for 2 years and may, if otherwise qualified, be re-elected as chairperson.
(3) Despite subsection (2), the term of office of a person elected as chairperson on the occurrence of a casual vacancy is the remaining period of the term of office of the previous chairperson.
(4) The office of chairperson--
(a) commences on the day the person elected to the office is declared to be elected, and
(b) becomes vacant on the earliest of the following--
(i) when the person's successor is declared to be elected to the office,
(ii) on the occurrence of a casual vacancy in the office,
(iii) the polling day of the ordinary election of councillors of which the person is a councillor.
(5) The joint organisation may determine that the chairperson is to be a non-voting chairperson and, if that occurs, the relevant member council is to nominate a councillor to be the voting representative for the council concerned instead of the person appointed as a non-voting chairperson for the period for which the chairperson holds office.
(6) The councillor nominated is to be the deputy mayor of the relevant member council or another councillor if there is no deputy mayor or if the deputy mayor is already a voting representative.

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