New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Consent orders

144 Consent orders

(1) The Tribunal may, with the consent of the respondent lawyer contained in a written instrument, make orders without conducting or completing a hearing in relation to the complaint.
(2) Consent may be given before or after the proceedings were initiated in the Tribunal with respect to the complaint.
(3) If consent is given before the proceedings were initiated, an investigation of the complaint (whether commenced or not) may be dispensed with, and any investigation of the complaint already being conducted may be suspended or terminated.
(4) This section does not apply to consent given by the respondent lawyer unless the lawyer and the NSW Commissioner have agreed on the terms of an instrument of consent.
(5) Without limiting what may be included in the instrument of consent, the instrument is to contain an agreed statement of facts (including as to the grounds of complaint) and may contain undertakings on the part of the respondent lawyer.
(6) The instrument of consent must be filed with the Tribunal.
(7) Nothing in this section affects the procedures regarding the initiation of proceedings in the Tribunal where consent was given before the proceedings are initiated.
(8) If consent was given before the proceedings are initiated, the proceedings are nevertheless to be initiated with respect to the complaint in the same way as if the consent had not yet been given.
(9) The Tribunal is to be constituted in the same way as for the conduct of a hearing into the complaint.
(10) In deciding whether to make orders pursuant to an instrument of consent, the Tribunal may make such inquiries of the parties as it thinks fit and may, despite any such consent, conduct or complete a hearing in relation to the complaint if it considers it to be in the public interest to do so.

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