New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Proceedings before claims assessors

7.46 Proceedings before claims assessors

(cf s 104 MACA)

(1) In this section--

"proceedings" means any conference or other proceeding held with or before a claims assessor, and includes any such proceedings at which the parties (or some of them) participate by telephone, closed-circuit television or other means.
(2) A person who is a party to proceedings is entitled to be represented by an Australian legal practitioner or by an agent. The claims assessor may however refuse to permit a party to be represented by an agent if of the opinion that the agent does not have sufficient authority to make binding decisions on behalf of the party.
(3) A party to proceedings is entitled to such representation or assistance (for example, the assistance of an interpreter) as may be necessary to enable the party to communicate adequately at the proceedings.
(4) A claims assessor must take into account any written submission prepared by an Australian legal practitioner acting for a party to a claim and submitted by or on behalf of the party (whether or not the party is represented by an Australian legal practitioner at proceedings on the claim).
(5) A claims assessor may, subject to any general directions of the Principal Claims Assessor, conduct proceedings with all relevant parties in attendance and with relevant experts in attendance, or separate proceedings in private with any of them.
(6) If the claims assessor is satisfied that sufficient information has been supplied to him or her in connection with a claim, the assessor may exercise functions under this Act without holding any formal hearing.
(7) In proceedings before a court with respect to a claim for damages (other than proceedings under Division 6.6), evidence of a statement made in proceedings before a claims assessor is not admissible unless the person who made the statement agrees to the evidence being admitted.
Note : See also section 6.38 (Disclosure of offers or assessment by Dispute Resolution Service) with respect to disclosure of result of assessment.

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