New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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PUBLIC INTEREST DISCLOSURES ACT 1994 - As at 4 December 2019 - Act 92 of 1994


           Long Title


   1.      Name of Act
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Object of Act
   4.      Definitions
   4A.     Public officials
   5.      Relationship of this Act and other Acts
   6.      Act binds the Crown
   6A.     Steering Committee
   6B.     Oversight of Act by Ombudsman
   6C.     Provision of information to Ombudsman for audit purposes
   6CA.    Reports to Ombudsman by public authorities
   6D.     Public interest disclosures policies and guidelines
   6E.     Responsibility of head of public authority


   7.      Effect of Part
   8.      Disclosures must be made by public officials
   9.      (Repealed)
   9A.     Presumptions about beliefs on which disclosures are based
   10.     Disclosure to Commission concerning corrupt conduct
   11.     Disclosure to Ombudsman concerning maladministration
   12.     Disclosure to Auditor-General concerning serious and substantial waste
   12A.    Disclosures to LECC and LECC Inspector and to investigating authorities
   12B.    Disclosure concerning local government
   12C.    Disclosure concerning Commission, ICAC Inspector and officers of Commission and ICAC Inspector
   12D.    Disclosure to Information Commissioner
   12E.    (Repealed)
   13.     Disclosure concerning Ombudsman, Auditor-General or staff
   14.     Disclosures to public officials
   15.     Protection of misdirected disclosures
   16.     (Repealed)
   17.     Disclosures concerning merits of government policy
   18.     Disclosures motivated by object of avoiding disciplinary action
   19.     Disclosure to a member of Parliament or journalist


   20.     Protection against reprisals
   20A.    Compensation for reprisals
   20B.    Injunctions to prevent reprisals
   21.     Protection against actions etc
   22.     Confidentiality guideline
   23.     Rights and privileges of Parliament
   24.     Other protection preserved


   25.     Referral of disclosures by investigating authorities
   26.     Referral of disclosures by public officials
   26A.    Transitional disclosure procedure when public authority becomes separate office within another public authority
   26B.    Ombudsman's role in resolution of disputes
   27.     Notification to person making disclosure
   28.     False or misleading disclosures
   29.     Proceedings for offences
   30.     Regulations
   31.     Reports to Parliament by public authorities
   31A.    Special report by Ombudsman
   31B.    Review of Commonwealth legislation
   32.     Review of Act
   33.     Savings, transitional and other provisions
           Schedule 1 (Repealed)
           SCHEDULE 2

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