New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Recording of vesting order

86 Recording of vesting order

(1) Where an order is made by a court of competent jurisdiction vesting land under the provisions of this Act in any person, the Registrar-General on being served with an office copy of the order shall make such recording in the Register as in accordance with the provisions of this Act may be necessary to give effect to the order.
(2) Unless and until a recording referred to in subsection (1) is made, an order so referred to shall have no effect or operation in transferring or otherwise vesting the land the subject of the order, but when the recording is made the person in whom the order purports to vest the land shall become the registered proprietor of the land.
(3) Where a direction, judgment or order of a court of competent jurisdiction directs, appoints or empowers a person other than the registered proprietor to dispose of land that is under the provisions of this Act, the Registrar-General may refuse to register a dealing executed pursuant to the direction, judgment or order unless:
(a) the attestation of the dealing indicates that it is executed pursuant to, and
(b) the dealing is accompanied by an office copy of,
the direction, judgment or order.
(4) An action does not lie against the Registrar-General for recovery of damages sustained through deprivation of land, or of any estate or interest in land, by reason of registration of an order referred to in subsection (1) or a dealing referred to in subsection (3).

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