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Special number-plates

66 Special number-plates

(cf VR Act, s 8A)

(1) The statutory rules may make provision for or with respect to the issue by Transport for NSW of number-plates (
"special number-plates" ) that have a special design, format or content approved by Transport for NSW, and for or with respect to the use, transfer, replacement and surrender of special number-plates.
(2) Transport for NSW is authorised to enter into contractual and other commercial arrangements (
"special number-plate arrangements" ) for the provision of marketing and other services to Transport for NSW in connection with the issue of special number-plates.
(3) Special number-plate arrangements under this section must include provision to ensure that a party to the arrangements will be subject to the same restrictions on the collection, use or disclosure of information obtained in the course of the operation of the arrangements as apply to Transport for NSW under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 .
(4) Statutory rules made for the purposes of this section may include provision for or with respect to the following--
(a) the issue of special number-plates independently of vehicle registration, as a commercial undertaking conducted by Transport for NSW,
(b) providing for Transport for NSW to enter into agreements with persons to whom special number-plates are or are to be issued, to provide for their rights and obligations in connection with the special number-plates issued to them,
(c) requiring the payment of fees, charges and consideration for or in connection with the issue, use, transfer, replacement and surrender of special number-plates,
(d) providing for the setting of those fees, charges and consideration by the statutory rules, Transport for NSW or a party to special number-plate arrangements or by or under any process provided for by the statutory rules or special number-plate arrangements.
(5) The
"issue" of a number-plate extends to arrangements for allocating, setting aside or reserving a number-plate (whether or not involving the delivery of possession of the number-plate and including arrangements under which Transport for NSW retains possession of a number-plate after its issue).

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