New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Residents Committees and organisations

70 Residents Committees and organisations

(1) A Residents Committee may, with the consent of the residents of a retirement village, be established in the village for the purposes of this Act.
(2) A Residents Committee is to be elected by the residents.
(3) Only one Residents Committee may be established in a village, and only a resident of the village may be a member of the Committee.
(4) If more than one body or committee (regardless of its name) purports to be the Residents Committee in a particular retirement village, the operator or a resident of the village may apply to the Tribunal for (and the Tribunal may make) an order determining which body or committee (if any) is the Residents Committee for the village.
(5) A Residents Committee may, subject to the regulations--
(a) determine its own procedure, and
(b) form any one or more sub-committees and determine their procedure, and
(c) call meetings of all the residents of the village for the purpose of considering and voting on matters referred to in section 74 (1).
(6) The operator of a retirement village must not--
(a) discourage or prevent the establishment of a Residents Committee, or
(b) obstruct a Residents Committee in the exercise of its functions, or
(c) attempt to prevent residents of the village from joining any organisation for residents of retirement villages.
: Maximum penalty--50 penalty units.
(7) The operator must provide reasonable administrative assistance to the Residents Committee on request by the Committee, but only if an estimate of the cost of providing the assistance has been included in the approved annual budget for the financial year in which the assistance is requested.
Note : Administrative assistance might involve such matters as photocopying or distributing notices.
(8) Nothing in this section prevents the residents of a retirement village from establishing other committees of residents for other purposes.

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