New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Agenda for first AGM

15 Agenda for first AGM

The agenda for the first annual general meeting of an owners corporation must include the following items and may include other items--

(a) to decide whether the amount of a contribution required to be made to the administrative fund or capital works fund should be confirmed or varied,
(b) to discuss the preparation of the 10-year capital works fund plan,
(c) to determine the number of members of the strata committee and to elect the strata committee,
(d) to decide whether insurance taken out by the owners corporation should be confirmed, varied or extended,
(e) to decide whether insurance referred to in section 165 (2) should be taken out by the owners corporation,
(f) to decide if any matter or class of matter is to be determined by the owners corporation in general meeting,
(g) to decide whether the by-laws for the strata scheme should be altered or added to,
(h) to decide whether a strata managing agent should be appointed by the owners corporation and, if appointed, what functions of the owners corporation should be delegated to the strata managing agent,
(i) if there is a strata managing agent, a form of motion to consider the report by the agent as to whether, and what, commissions have been paid to the agent or are likely to be payable to the agent for the following 12 months,
(j) to decide whether a building manager should be appointed and, if appointed, what functions the building manager should exercise,
(k) to receive the documents required to be provided under section 16,
(l) to consider the accounting records and last financial statements prepared,
(m) to consider the initial maintenance schedule,
(n) to consider building defects and rectification,
(o) to appoint an auditor or to decide whether an auditor should be appointed,
(p) any item prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this section.

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