New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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SCHEDULE 2 – Savings, transitional and other provisions

Part 1 - General

1 Regulations

(1) The regulations may contain provisions of a savings or transitional nature consequent on the enactment of the following Acts:
this Act
(2) Any such provision may, if the regulations so provide, take effect from the date of assent to the Act concerned or a later date.
(3) If the regulations so provide, any provision referred to in subclause (1) may have effect despite any specified provision of this Schedule or a University Act or statutory rule made under such an Act.
(4) To the extent to which any such provision takes effect from a date that is earlier than the date of its publication on the NSW legislation website, the provision does not operate so as:
(a) to affect, in a manner prejudicial to any person (other than the State or an authority of the State), the rights of that person existing before the date of its publication, or
(b) to impose liabilities on any person (other than the State or an authority of the State) in respect of anything done or omitted to be done before the date of its publication.

Part 2 - Provisions consequent on enactment of this Act

2 Continuation of governing body

No amendment made to a University Act by the operation of this Act affects the continuity of the governing body under the University Act.

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