New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Access to inmates

67 Access to inmates

(1) An accredited chaplain is entitled--
(a) to visit the correctional centre to which he or she is accredited at all reasonable times, but not so as to disturb the ordinary routine of the centre, and
(b) to have access to inmates of the chaplain's denomination for the purpose of private and confidential religious ministrations.
(2) If no minister of religion of a particular denomination has been accredited in relation to a particular correctional centre, a minister of religion of that denomination may, with the approval of the governor of the centre--
(a) visit the centre, and
(b) have access to inmates of that denomination.
(3) On request by an inmate belonging to a denomination for which no minister of religion has been accredited, the governor (after consultation with accredited chaplains) may arrange for the inmate to be visited by a minister of religion of that denomination.
(4) A decision by the governor to grant a request under subclause (3) does not affect the number of visits and maximum number of visitors to which the inmate may be entitled under clauses 76 and 77.
(5) A minister of religion is entitled to have access to an inmate under this clause beyond the hearing, but within the sight, of a correctional officer.
(6) An inmate's objection to being visited by a minister of religion is to be fully respected.

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