New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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SCHEDULE 1 – Information to be recorded in relation to inmates

(Clauses 4(1)(a), 188(1)(a), 191(1)(a) and 202(1)(a))

1 The inmate's full name, together with any other names by which he or she is known
2 The address of the inmate's usual place of residence, together with the telephone number for that address
3 The name, address and telephone number of the inmate's next of kin
4 The inmate's age and date of birth
5 A head-and-shoulders photograph of the inmate
6 A full set of the inmate's fingerprints
7 The inmate's biometric characteristics
8 Video or closed-circuit television footage of the inmate
9 The serial number or other identifier of the inmate's passport (if any)
10 A description of the inmate's general appearance, including height, weight, build, hair colour and eye colour and (if appropriate) the shape and colour of any sideburns, beard or moustache
11 Particulars of any distinguishing features of the inmate's appearance, including the nature and location of any tattoos
12 Particulars of the language or languages spoken by the inmate
13 Particulars of any exceptional circumstances in the inmate's family history (for example, incidents of physical or sexual abuse committed by or against the inmate)
14 Particulars of the state of the inmate's physical and mental health, including any medical, psychiatric or psychological reports and the results of any psychological tests, together with details of any known tendency of the inmate to attempt suicide or inflict self-harm
15 Particulars of any involvement by the inmate in the abuse of drugs or other intoxicating substances, including the results of any drug tests
16 Particulars of any ethnic or racial group to which the inmate belongs, with particular reference to whether the inmate is an Aboriginal person or Torres Strait Islander
17 Particulars of any religious denomination to which the inmate claims affiliation
18 Particulars of the inmate's trade or vocation, including the inmate's employment history
19 Particulars of the inmate's financial circumstances
20 Particulars of the inmate's domestic circumstances (that is, whether the inmate is single, married, widowed or divorced, whether the inmate has a de facto partner and whether the inmate has children or other dependants)
Note :
"De facto partner" is defined in section 21C of the Interpretation Act 1987 .
21 Particulars of the inmate's criminal history, both in New South Wales and elsewhere, including particulars of any period during which the inmate has been under the supervision of the Community Corrections Division, Department of Justice
22 Particulars of any period during which the inmate has been on release on bail
23 Particulars of the inmate's criminal associates

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