New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Reports of the Fire Commissioner for class 2 or 3 buildings containing certain fire safety systems

152A Reports of the Fire Commissioner for class 2 or 3 buildings containing certain fire safety systems

(1) A certifier must request the Fire Commissioner to furnish it with a fire safety system report as soon as practicable after receiving any application for an occupation certificate for a class 2 or 3 building for building work, as defined in the Building Code of Australia , that involved installing, extending or modifying a relevant fire safety system in the building.
(2) The certifier is not required to make such a request--
(a) if it has already refused such an application, or
(b) if clause 144 applies to the building work and the Fire Commissioner has furnished a report for the building under clause 152.
(3) If the certifier refuses the application after making such a request but before receiving a fire safety system report, the certifier must cause notice of the refusal to be given to the Fire Commissioner.
(4) If a request has been made to the Fire Commissioner under this clause and no notice of the refusal of the application has been received from the certifier, the Fire Commissioner may furnish the certifier with a fire safety system report for the building.
(5) The certifier must not issue an occupation certificate for the building unless it has taken into consideration any fire safety system report for the building that has been furnished to it within 10 days after the Fire Commissioner receives the request for the report.
(6) A fire safety system report must be in writing and must specify whether or not the Fire Commissioner is satisfied that the relevant fire safety system is capable of performing to at least the standard in the current fire safety schedule for the building.
(6A) A certifier or the Fire Commissioner must provide a document, information or notice required under this clause by means of the NSW planning portal.
(7) In this clause--

"relevant fire safety system" means any of the following--
(a) a hydraulic fire safety system within the meaning of clause 165,
(b) a fire detection and alarm system,
(c) a mechanical ducted smoke control system.

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