New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Assessment and preparation fees

25AA Assessment and preparation fees

(1) If a draft development control plan under section 3.44 of the Act is prepared (and submitted to the relevant planning authority) by the owners of the land to which it applies, the owners must pay the relevant planning authority an assessment fee as determined by the planning authority.
(2) If any such draft development control plan is prepared by the relevant planning authority at the request of the owners (or the percentage of the owners as referred in section 3.44(3) of the Act), those owners must pay the planning authority a preparation fee as determined by the planning authority.
(3) Any such assessment or preparation fee must not exceed the reasonable cost, to the relevant planning authority, of assessing or preparing the draft development control plan, carrying out any associated studies and publicly exhibiting the draft plan.
(4) If there is more than one owner of the land to which the draft development control plan applies, the fee concerned is to be apportioned between them as the relevant planning authority determines.
(5) If the Minister, in accordance with section 3.44(5)(b) of the Act, acts in the place of a council to make the development control plan concerned, the council must, if directed by the Minister to do so, forward to the Minister any assessment or preparation fee that has been paid to the council in relation to that plan.
(6) Any assessment or preparation fees payable under clause 272, 273, 273A, 274A or 274B (as in force before their repeal by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Planning Instruments and Development Consents) Regulation 2005 ) are taken to be fees (as determined by the relevant planning authority concerned) payable under this clause. If, under any such repealed clause, a lessee was liable to pay a fee, a reference in this clause to the owner of the land extends to any such lessee.

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