New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Guidelines for categorisation of land as bushland

107 Guidelines for categorisation of land as bushland

(1) Land that is categorised as a natural area should be further categorised as bushland under section 36 (5) of the Act if the land contains primarily native vegetation and that vegetation:
(a) is the natural vegetation or a remainder of the natural vegetation of the land, or
(b) although not the natural vegetation of the land, is still representative of the structure or floristics, or structure and floristics, of the natural vegetation in the locality.
(2) Such land includes:
(a) bushland that is mostly undisturbed with a good mix of tree ages, and natural regeneration, where the understorey is comprised of native grasses and herbs or native shrubs, and that contains a range of habitats for native fauna (such as logs, shrubs, tree hollows and leaf litter), or
(b) moderately disturbed bushland with some regeneration of trees and shrubs, where there may be a regrowth area with trees of even age, where native shrubs and grasses are present in the understorey even though there may be some weed invasion, or
(c) highly disturbed bushland where the native understorey has been removed, where there may be significant weed invasion and where dead and dying trees are present, where there is no natural regeneration of trees or shrubs, but where the land is still capable of being rehabilitated.

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