New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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What are environmental upgrade works?

136A What are environmental upgrade works?

(1) For the purposes of section 54E of the Act,
"environmental upgrade works" include any works in respect of a building that result in an environmental improvement in respect of the use and occupation of the building.
(2) Works result in an
"environmental improvement" if the works:
(a) increase the efficiency of energy or water consumption, or
(b) reduce energy or water consumption, or
(c) prevent or reduce pollution, or
(d) eliminate or reduce the discharge of wastes, or other substances, that are harmful to the environment, or
(e) reduce the use of materials, or
(f) enable the recovery or recycling of materials, or
(g) enable the monitoring of environmental quality, or
(h) reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or
(i) encourage or facilitate alternative methods of transportation to the use of a private motor vehicle (such as walking and cycling).
(3) Without limiting the above, the following works are environmental upgrade works if they result in an environmental improvement:
(a) the replacement, modification, removal or installation of end-user equipment,
(b) the modification of the usage of end-user equipment.
(4) In this clause:

"end-user equipment" means any equipment, process or system that:
(a) directly consumes energy or water, causes a risk to human health, or degrades the environment, or
(b) controls or influences the impact any other equipment, process or system has on the consumption of energy or water, human health, or the environment.

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