New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Works for which approval is required under section 60 of the Act

138 Works for which approval is required under section 60 of the Act

(1) The Minister for Utilities may give a council an approval for the purposes of section 60 of the Act if and only if:
(a) the council has made an application in writing for consent that is accompanied by the relevant documents, and
(b) either the council has complied with any requirement of that Minister to supply further information with respect to the application or that Minister has waived any such requirement, and
(c) that Minister is satisfied that the council is competent to exercise the powers that it would not be able to exercise without that approval, and
(d) all inspections of the work and the site of the work that that Minister has directed to be carried out for the purpose of enabling the application to be considered have been carried out.
(2) The relevant documents are:
(a) the plans and specifications of, and documents and data in the possession of the council that are relevant to, the exercise of power in respect of which the approval is sought, and
(b) any documents containing details sufficient to satisfy the Minister for Utilities of the matters referred to in subclause (1) (b)-(d).
(3) If the Minister for Utilities has, for the purposes of section 60 of the Act, approved the exercise by the council of its powers with respect to a work, that Minister may, by notice in writing to the council, revoke that approval if the council has failed:
(a) to comply with any requirements that that Minister has made with respect to the provision of additional plans, specifications, documents or information with respect to the exercise of those powers, or
(b) to comply with any directions that that Minister has given with respect to the work, or
(c) to accept any supervision of the exercise of those powers that that Minister has required.

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