New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Connections to council's sewerage system

146 Connections to council's sewerage system

(1) If premises are liable to a special sewerage rate, the council may, at the request of the person liable to pay rates in respect of the premises:
(a) carry out such works as may be necessary to provide for the drainage of sewage from the premises, and
(b) provide such connections as may be necessary to enable fixtures installed on the premises to discharge their contents into the council's sewerage system.
(2) The council may, in respect of work done or any materials provided under subclause (1), impose on the person a charge sufficient to meet the cost of the work or materials.
(3) Such a charge:
(a) must cover the cost of doing the work or providing the materials, together with interest on that cost at a rate not exceeding that fixed in respect of overdue rates, and
(b) may be recovered by equated instalments of principal and interest during such period as the council determines.
(4) Any such charge may be recovered as a rate and is to be a charge on the premises in respect of which it is imposed as if it were a rate.
(5) The council is not responsible for the repair, maintenance or renewal of any work done or materials provided under this clause on or in respect of the premises concerned, except as regards defective work or materials.
(6) Any work so done or materials so provided belongs to the owner of those premises.

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