New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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180 Definitions

In this Part and Schedules 3 and 3A:

"address" means:

(a) in relation to a person other than a corporation, the last residential or business address of the person known to the councillor or designated person disclosing the address, or
(b) in relation to a corporation, the address of the registered office of the corporation in New South Wales or, if there is no such office, the address of the principal office of the corporation in the place where it is registered, or
(c) in relation to any real property, the postal address of the property or particulars of title of the property.

"disposition of property" means a conveyance, transfer, assignment, settlement, delivery, payment or other alienation of property, including the following:
(a) the allotment of shares in a company,
(b) the creation of a trust in respect of property,
(c) the grant or creation of a lease, mortgage, charge, easement, licence, power, partnership or interest in respect of property,
(d) the release, discharge, surrender, forfeiture or abandonment, at law or in equity, of a debt, contract or chose in action, or of an interest in respect of property,
(e) the exercise by a person of a general power of appointment over property in favour of another person,
(f) a transaction entered into by a person who intends by the transaction to diminish, directly or indirectly, the value of the person's own property and to increase the value of the property of another person.

"gift" means a disposition of property made otherwise than by will (whether or not by instrument in writing) without consideration, or with inadequate consideration, in money or money's worth passing from the person to whom the disposition was made to the person who made the disposition, but does not include a financial or other contribution to travel.

"interest" means:
(a) in relation to property--an estate, interest, right or power, at law or in equity, in or over the property, or
(b) in relation to a corporation--a relevant interest (within the meaning of section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001 of the Commonwealth) in securities issued or made available by the corporation.

"listed company" means a company that is listed within the meaning of section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001 of the Commonwealth.

"occupation" includes trade, profession and vocation.

"professional or business association" means an incorporated or unincorporated body or organisation having as one of its objects or activities the promotion of the economic interests of its members in any occupation.

"property" includes money.

"travel" includes accommodation incidental to a journey.

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