New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Contributions to travel

185 Contributions to travel

(1) A person making a return under section 449 (3) of the Act must disclose:
(a) the name and address of each person who made any financial or other contribution to the expenses of any travel undertaken by the person since the last return under Part 2 of Chapter 14 was made, and
(b) the dates on which the travel was undertaken, and
(c) the names of the States and Territories, and of the overseas countries, in which the travel was undertaken.
(2) A financial or other contribution to any travel need not be disclosed under this clause if it:
(a) was made from public funds (including a contribution arising from travel on free passes issued under an Act or from travel in government or council vehicles), or
(b) was made by a relative of the traveller, or
(c) was made in the ordinary course of an occupation of the traveller that is not related to his or her functions as the holder of a position requiring the making of a return, or
(d) did not exceed $250, unless it was among gifts totalling more than $250 made by the same person during a 12 month period or less, or
(e) was a political contribution disclosed, or required to be disclosed, under Part 6 of the Election Funding Act 1981 , or
(f) was made by a political party of which the traveller was a member and the travel was undertaken for the purpose of political activity of the party in New South Wales or to enable the traveller to represent the party within Australia.
(3) For the purposes of this clause, the amount of a contribution (other than a financial contribution) is an amount equal to the value of the contribution.

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