New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Councillor to be elected to preside at certain meetings

236 Councillor to be elected to preside at certain meetings

(1) If no chairperson is present at a meeting of a council at the time designated for the holding of the meeting, the first business of the meeting must be the election of a chairperson to preside at the meeting.
Note : Section 369 (2) of the Act provides for a councillor to be elected to chair a meeting of a council when the mayor and deputy mayor are absent.
(2) The election must be conducted:
(a) by the general manager or, in his or her absence, an employee of the council designated by the general manager to conduct the election, or
(b) if neither of them is present at the meeting or there is no general manager or designated employee--by the person who called the meeting or a person acting on his or her behalf.
(3) If, at an election of a chairperson, 2 or more candidates receive the same number of votes and no other candidate receives a greater number of votes, the chairperson is to be the candidate whose name is chosen by lot.
(4) For the purposes of subclause (3), the person conducting the election must:
(a) arrange for the names of the candidates who have equal numbers of votes to be written on similar slips, and
(b) then fold the slips so as to prevent the names from being seen, mix the slips and draw one of the slips at random.
(5) The candidate whose name is on the drawn slip is the candidate who is to be the chairperson.

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