New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Giving notice of business

241 Giving notice of business

(1) A council must not transact business at a meeting of the council:
(a) unless a councillor has given notice of the business in writing within such time before the meeting as is fixed by the council's code of meeting practice or (if the council does not have a code of meeting practice or its code of meeting practice does not fix that time) as is fixed by resolution of the council, and
(b) unless notice of the business has been sent to the councillors in accordance with section 367 of the Act.
(2) Subclause (1) does not apply to the consideration of business at a meeting if the business:
(a) is already before, or directly relates to a matter that is already before, the council, or
(b) is the election of a chairperson to preside at the meeting as provided by clause 236 (1), or
(c) is a matter or topic put to the meeting by the chairperson in accordance with clause 243, or
(d) is a motion for the adoption of recommendations of a committee of the council.
(3) Despite subclause (1), business may be transacted at a meeting of a council even though due notice of the business has not been given to the councillors. However, this can happen only if:
(a) a motion is passed to have the business transacted at the meeting, and
(b) the business proposed to be brought forward is ruled by the chairperson to be of great urgency.
Such a motion can be moved without notice.
(4) Despite clause 250, only the mover of a motion referred to in subclause (3) can speak to the motion before it is put.

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