New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Pre-poll voting procedure

323 Pre-poll voting procedure

(1) Application may be made A person qualified under this Subdivision may apply for a pre-poll ballot paper. The application is to be made orally:
(a) by the elector in person, and
(b) to a pre-poll voting officer at a place, on a day and during hours, respectively appointed by or under clauses 298 and 326.
(2) Oral declaration by elector The elector is to make an oral declaration to a pre-poll voting officer stating:
(a) the name under which the elector claims to vote and such other particulars as the officer requires for the purpose of checking the name on the officer's authorised copy of the roll, and
(b) that the elector is entitled to vote at the election, and
(c) that the elector has not already voted in connection with the election and will not vote anywhere else in connection with the election, and
(d) the ground on which the elector is making the application.
(4) Questions A pre-poll voting officer may, and must if requested to do so by any scrutineer, put to the elector who made the application under this clause any of the questions set out in clause 339 that are applicable to the case.
(5) Ballot-paper to be handed to elector If the elector answers the questions satisfactorily or no questions are to be put to the elector, the pre-poll voting officer must hand to the elector a ballot-paper in Form 4, 5 or 6 that is initialled on the front by the officer.
(6) Record of voting The pre-poll voting officer is to make an appropriate notation on the officer's authorised copy of the roll of electors to show that the elector has received a ballot-paper.
(7) Delivery of ballot-paper to elector On receiving a pre-poll ballot-paper, the elector is to:
(a) go alone to an unoccupied space set aside for voting at the pre-poll voting office, and privately record his or her vote there on the ballot-paper, and
(b) fold the ballot-paper so as to conceal the vote marked on it, and then put it in the pre-poll ballot-box without unfolding it, and
(c) leave the pre-poll voting office.

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