New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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353 Recount

(1) At any time before the declaration of the poll:
(a) a candidate may request a recount of the ballot-papers used in the ward or area for which the candidate was nominated, and
(b) the election manager may direct the returning officer to recount any ballot-papers used in the election.
(2) A request under subclause (1) (a) must:
(a) be in writing, and
(b) be signed by the candidate, and
(c) set out the reasons for the request, and
(d) be lodged with the returning officer within 24 hours after the candidate has been informed by the returning officer of the result of the count.
(3) The returning officer must again have the ballot-papers scrutinised and counted and, if necessary, have any other papers used at the election inspected, if:
(a) a request is received under subclause (1) (a) and the candidate has paid to the returning officer, on behalf of the council, a deposit to cover the cost of the recount and the ballot-papers referred to in the request have not already been recounted, or
(b) a direction is received in accordance with subclause (1) (b), or
(c) the returning officer in any case believes it necessary.
(4) The deposit is to be determined by reference to a scale of charges fixed by the election manager before election day.

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