New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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356A Interpretation

(1) In this Division:

"display" a poster or electoral material includes exhibit or post up the poster or electoral material; and
"publicly display" means display, as so defined, within or within view of a public place.

"electoral material" means a how-to-vote card, poster or advertisement containing electoral matter, or anything else containing electoral matter.

"electoral matter" means:
(a) any matter that is intended or calculated or likely to affect or is capable of affecting the result of any election held or to be held or that is intended or calculated or likely to influence or is capable of influencing an elector in relation to the casting of his or her vote at any election, or
(b) the name of a candidate at any election, the name of the party of any such candidate, the name or address of the committee rooms of any such candidate or party, the photograph of any such candidate, and any drawing or printed matter that purports to depict any such candidate or to be a likeness or representation of any such candidate.

"how-to-vote card" means any card, handbill, pamphlet or notice having any voting directions within it, whether or not it contains:
(a) any representation or partial representation of a ballot-paper or portion of a ballot-paper, or
(b) any representation or partial representation apparently intended to represent a ballot-paper or portion of a ballot-paper.

"joint owner" of premises or property means one of two or more persons who own the premises or property jointly, whether as joint tenants or tenants in common or otherwise.

"poster" means any electoral matter printed, drawn or depicted on any material whatsoever and where any electoral matter is printed, drawn or depicted in sections, those sections, both severally and collectively, are to be treated as a poster.

"recognised group of candidates" means a group of candidates who have claimed under section 308A of the Act to have their names included in a group on the ballot-papers.

"regulated period" for an election means:
(a) the period starting with the closing date and ending at 6 pm on election day, and
(b) all days to which polling for the election is adjourned.

"street address" does not include a post office box number or a DX box number.

"voting directions" means directions or suggestions (whether express or implied) in relation to the casting of votes.
(2) If premises or other property referred to in a provision of Subdivision 2 are subject to a lease for a term of 6 months or more, a reference in that provision to the owner or a joint owner of the premises or property is to be read as a reference to the lessee or a joint lessee of the premises or property.

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