New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Registration of electoral material

356R Registration of electoral material

(1) Certificate of registration Registration of the electoral material is effected by the issue of a certificate of registration in respect of a draft or sample of the electoral material.
(2) Details to be included in certificate The certificate of registration must specify:
(a) the elections, constitutional referendums and council polls, and
(b) the area,
for which the electoral material is registered.
(2A) Form of certificate A certificate of registration issued under this clause is to be in the form approved by:
(a) in relation to an election administered by a general manager of a council--the Director-General, or
(b) in relation to an election administered by the Electoral Commissioner--the Electoral Commissioner.
(3) Registration may be conditional or unconditional Registration may be unconditional or subject to conditions specified in the certificate of registration.
(4) Evidence of registration A certificate signed by the electoral material registrar and certifying that specified material was or was not registered:
(a) on a specified day or during a specified period, or
(b) for a particular election, constitutional referendum or council poll, or
(c) for a particular area,
is admissible in proceedings for an offence under clause 356G and is prima facie evidence of the matters certified.
(5) Immaterial differences not to affect registration Electoral material is to be taken to be registered in accordance with this clause even though the material contains some differences from the draft or sample in respect of which the certificate of registration was issued, so long as the material is substantially the same as the draft or sample.
(6) Registration not a defence for certain offences Registration of electoral material is not a defence to a prosecution for an offence under Subdivision 3 or 4.
(7) Copy of material and certificate to be available for inspection A copy of electoral material registered under this clause and referring to an election, constitutional referendum or council poll for an area, and the relevant certificate of registration, must be available for inspection:
(a) at the office of the returning officer for the area, during the hours of polling on election day and on all days to which the polling is adjourned, and
(b) at such other places (if any), and during such of those hours, as the electoral material registrar determines,
at the request of any person enrolled for the area or of any scrutineer.

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