New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Definitions--the Dictionary etc

4 Definitions--the Dictionary etc

(1) The Dictionary at the end of these Rules defines certain words and expressions, and includes references to certain words and expressions defined elsewhere in these Rules (
"signpost definitions" ).
Example : The signpost definition "
"road related area" --see rule 13" means that the expression
"road related area" is defined in rule 13 of these Rules.
Note : The Dictionary only includes a signpost definition for a word or expression if the word or expression is used in 2 or more rules of these Rules.
(2) The Dictionary is part of these Rules.
(3) A definition in these Rules applies to each use of the word or expression in these Rules, unless the contrary intention appears.
(3-1) If a word or expression used in a provision of these Rules is defined in the Act, it has the same meaning as in the Act, unless the word or expression is defined in these Rules for the purposes of the provision or these Rules generally.
Note 1 :
"The Act" is defined in the Dictionary. A number of words or expressions used in these Rules are also defined in the Act.
Note 2 : This subrule is an additional NSW subrule. There is no corresponding subrule in rule 4 of the Australian Road Rules .

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