New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Order for rehabilitation tests

23.7 Order for rehabilitation tests

(cf SCR Part 25, rule 7B; DCR Part 23, rule 8)

(1) The court may make orders for testing the party concerned for the purpose of assessing the extent of impairment of the party's earning capacity, including an order to submit to a test, under the direction of a medical practitioner, during a specified period and at a specified place.
(2) The specified place referred to in subrule (1) may be--
(a) a hospital, or
(b) a rehabilitation centre conducted by a hospital, or
(c) some other suitable place,
at which treatment by way of rehabilitation, or an occupational rehabilitation service, is provided.
(3) If the court makes an order under subrule (1) that the party concerned submit to a test, the party concerned must do all things reasonably requested, and answer all questions reasonably asked, by any medical practitioner, or by any person conducting the test, for the purposes of the test.
(4) The terms on which the court may make orders under subrule (1) include terms for the payment by the party obtaining the order to the party concerned of any expense or loss incurred in complying with the order.

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