New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Experts' reports

31.27 Experts' reports

(cf SCR Part 36, rule 13C; DCR Part 28, rule 9C; LCR Part 23, rule 1D)

(1) An expert's report must (in the body of the report or in an annexure to it) include the following--
(a) the expert's qualifications as an expert on the issue the subject of the report,
(b) the facts, and assumptions of fact, on which the opinions in the report are based (a letter of instructions may be annexed),
(c) the expert's reasons for each opinion expressed,
(d) if applicable, that a particular issue falls outside the expert's field of expertise,
(e) any literature or other materials utilised in support of the opinions,
(f) any examinations, tests or other investigations on which the expert has relied, including details of the qualifications of the person who carried them out,
(g) in the case of a report that is lengthy or complex, a brief summary of the report (to be located at the beginning of the report).
(2) If an expert witness who prepares an expert's report believes that it may be incomplete or inaccurate without some qualification, the qualification must be stated in the report.
(3) If an expert witness considers that his or her opinion is not a concluded opinion because of insufficient research or insufficient data or for any other reason, this must be stated when the opinion is expressed.
(4) If an expert witness changes his or her opinion on a material matter after providing an expert's report to the party engaging him or her (or that party's legal representative), the expert witness must forthwith provide the engaging party (or that party's legal representative) with a supplementary report to that effect containing such of the information referred to in subrule (1) as is appropriate.

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