New South Wales Consolidated Regulations

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Contents of notice of appeal

51.18 Contents of notice of appeal

(cf SCR Part 51, rule 11)

(1) A notice of appeal must state--
(a) the statutory provision under which the appeal is brought, and
(b) whether it is filed pursuant to leave, and the date leave was given, and
(c) whether the appellant has filed and served a notice of intention to appeal, and the date it was served on the prospective respondent or on the last of the prospective respondents, and
(d) whether the appeal is from the whole or part only, and what part, of the decision below, and
(e) briefly, but specifically, the grounds relied on in support of the appeal, and
(f) what judgment, order, verdict or determination the appellant seeks, and
(g) that, before any attendance before the Court by or on behalf of the respondent, a notice of appearance must be filed if required.
Note : Rule 51.5(2) provides for circumstances in which a respondent need not file a notice of appearance.
(2) Without limiting subrule (1), the appellant must also specify in the notice of appeal any material facts that the appellant contends that the court below should, or should not, have found.

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