Northern Territory Second Reading Speeches

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Mr GILES (Braitling): Madam Speaker, I move that the bill be now read a second time. In doing so, I seek leave to table the explanatory memorandum.

Leave granted.

Madam Speaker, I have mentioned before that the Territory has a disproportionately high number of people being caught drink-driving and dying on our roads as a result of drink-drivers.

This bill specifically will require a first time low offender to be placed on a three month temporary zero blood alcohol level with a penalty of loss of licence for a three month period, and if that driver breaches zero blood alcohol content during that restricted period they will also be re-offended. Specifically the clauses of the bill are as follows: clause 1 sets out the short title of the bill; clause 2 describes when the act will commence; clause 3 indicates that the act to be amended by this bill is the
Traffic Act; clause 4 amends section 23 of the act to present drivers such as P platers being charged under this section of the act; clause 5.1 introduces two new clauses to section 24(1A) which will apply to drivers who have committed a first offence against section 23 of the act for a temporary period of three months after being found guilty of that offence, and (1B) stipulates when the three month temporary period will begin depending upon the offenders response to that charge.

Clause 5(2) is a minor amendment to section 24(2) omitting the words ‘the person’ and substituting the words ‘a person to whom this section applies’. Clause 5(3) introduces new subsections (7) and (8). Subsection (7) states that these provisions only apply to an offender who has breached their three month temporary zero restriction, and that if that person breaches those conditions then they will loose their licence for three months. Subsection (8) defines the term Fines Recovery Unit as used in proposed section 24(1B). Clause 6 provides for transitional provisions to ensure that these provisions will only apply to offences committed after the commencement of this section.

Madam Speaker, I commend the bill to the House.

Debate adjourned.


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