Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Repeal  
   4.      Transitional  
   5.      Management of land formerly held by Reserves Board  
   6.      Protected area under Wildlife Conservation and Control Ordinance  
   7.      Transfer of employees  
   8.      Transfer of rights, assets and liabilities  
   9.      Interpretation  
   10.     Act binds the Crown  


   11.     Object of this Part  
   12.     Parks and reserves established by Administrator  
   13.     Revocation of parks, reserves or sanctuaries  
   14.     Report by Commission  
   16.     Restriction on disposal  
   17.     Mining, works, forestry, etc. in parks, reserves and wilderness zones  
   18.     Plans of management  
   19.     Plan of management to be laid before Assembly  
   20.     Amendment or revocation of plan of management  
   21.     Compliance with plan of management  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   22.     Interpretation  
   23.     Relationship with other provisions of Act  

           Division 1A--Joint management agreements

   23A.    Minister may execute joint management agreement  

           Division 2--Redeclaration of parks and reserves

   24.     Minister may redeclare parks and reserves  
   25.     Section 12 continues to apply to land in Schedule 5  

           Division 3--Joint management partners, objective and principles

   25AA.   Joint management partners  
   25AB.   Objective of joint management  
   25AC.   Principles of joint management  

           Division 4--Joint management plans

   25AD.   Preparation of draft plan  
   25AE.   Contents of draft plan  
   25AF.   Minister to table draft plan in Legislative Assembly  
   25AG.   Notice of plan coming into operation  
   25AH.   Amendment or revocation of plan  
   25AI.   Compliance with plan  
   25AJ.   Limitation of rights under section 122  
   25AK.   Management of park or reserve before plan comes into operation  

           Division 5--Mining in joint management parks and reserves

   25AL.   Certain provisions of Mineral Titles Act and Petroleum Act do not apply  
   25AM.   Mines Minister to consider opinion of joint management partners  

           Division 6--Role of Land Councils

   25AN.   Application of Division  
   25AO.   Functions of Land Councils in relation to parks and reserves  
   25AP.   Application of money paid to Land Councils  

           Division 7--Miscellaneous

   25AQ.   By-laws  
   25AR.   Lease of park or reserve not a subdivision  


   25A.    Sanctuaries  
   25B.    Notices to be exhibited in sanctuaries  
   25C.    Persons not to enter sanctuaries  
   25D.    Firearms and traps prohibited in a sanctuary  
   25E.    Defence against prosecution  
   25F.    Persons not to kill in sanctuary  
   25G.    Taking plants on or from sanctuary  


           Division 1--General

   26.     Application of Part  
   27.     Exemption from application of Part  

           Division 2--Management of wildlife

              Subdivision 1--Classification of wildlife

   28.     Prescribed classifications  
   29.     Classification of wildlife  
   30.     Threatened wildlife  

              Subdivision 2--Principles of management

   31.     Principles of management  

              Subdivision 3--Management programs

   32.     Management programs  
   33.     Management program may refer to co-operative management agreement etc.  
   34.     Administrator to approve management program  

              Subdivision 4--Co-operative management agreements

   35.     Commission may make co-operative management agreements for management of wildlife etc.  
   36.     Certain provisions of co-operative management agreements  

              Subdivision 5--Areas of essential habitat

   37.     Declaration of area of essential habitat  
   38.     Submissions regarding declaration of area of essential habitat  
   39.     Notification of declaration of area of essential habitat  
   40.     Notices to be exhibited in area of essential habitat  
   41.     Notification of area of essential habitat on title  
   42.     Conservation officer may carry out certain work  

           Division 3--Protected wildlife

   43.     Protected wildlife  
   44.     Lawful dealings with certain protected wildlife  
   45.     Killing of protected wildlife  
   46.     Director may require person to give up protected wildlife  

           Division 4--Feral animals

   47.     Declaration of feral animals  
   48.     Feral animal control areas  
   49.     Notice to owner etc. to eradicate feral animals  
   50.     Commission may provide materials etc.  
   51.     Conservation officer may enter and do work  

           Division 5--Prohibited entrants

   52.     Non-indigenous vertebrates are prohibited entrants  
   53.     Declaration of prohibited entrants  
   54.     Prohibited entrants that escape or are liberated  

           Division 6--Permits

   55.     Application for permit  
   56.     Grant or refusal to grant permit  
   57.     Terms and conditions of permits  
   58.     Variation of permit  
   59.     Cancellation of permits  
   60.     Permit holder requires permission to enter land  
   61.     Duplicate permits  
   62.     Permit holder is owner of wildlife taken under permit  
   63.     Permits not transferable  

           Division 7--Appeals

   64.     Appeal  
   65.     Operation of decision pending outcome of appeal  

           Division 8--Offences

   66.     Offences relating to protected wildlife  
   67.     Offence relating to unprotected wildlife  
   67A.    Offence relating to feral animals  
   67B.    Offences relating to prohibited entrants  
   67C.    Offences relating to areas of essential habitat  
   67D.    Compliance with permit  
   67E.    Offence relating to crocodile traps  


   68.     Commission may authorize display of traffic signs  
   69.     Drivers must comply with traffic signs  
   70.     Traffic signs deemed to be lawfully displayed  
   71.     By-laws  
   71A.    By-laws apply to land other than parks or reserves  
   73.     Agreements regarding wildlife etc. on land occupied by Aboriginals  
   74.     Protection, &c., of wildlife and natural features of private land  
   74A.    Nature of agreement for protection and conservation of wildlife  


   91.     Officers and employees of Australia and government authorities  
   92.     Appointment of conservation officer, &c.  
   93.     Conservation officers, &c., ex officio  
   93A.    Function of conservation officers and honorary conservation officers  
   93B.    Powers of conservation officers and honorary conservation officers  
   93C.    Compliance with Director's directions by officers  
   94.     Identity cards  
   95.     Conservation officers have powers of constables  
   96.     Search of premises and persons  
   97.     Power to inspect permits  
   97A.    Person to comply with requirements of conservation officer etc.  
   98.     Confiscation and forfeiture  


   110.    Limitation of liability  
   111.    Recovery of expenses of Commission  
   112.    Power to enter land  
   113.    Authorized destruction of feral animals in park etc.  
   114.    Making of false statement  
   115.    Averment in relation to parks etc.  
   115A.   Parties to offences committed outside Territory  
   115B.   Liability of permit holders and nominees for actions of others under permit  
   115C.   Conduct of directors, employees and agents  
   116.    Royalties and advance payments etc.  
   117.    Fees, charges, etc.  
   117A.   Register  
   118.    Offender may be ordered to pay for damage he does  
   119.    Destruction of trespassing animals  
   120.    Return or forfeiture of seized articles  
   121.    Service of notices  
   122.    Traditional use of land and water by Aboriginals  
   123.    Regulations  
   124.    Acquisition on just terms  

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