Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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Authorized destruction of feral animals in park etc.

    (1)     Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, if the Director is satisfied that feral animals are present in a park, reserve, area of essential habitat or sanctuary in such numbers that the habitat is being affected or the survival of wildlife in the area is imperilled, he may destroy or, by an authority in writing, he may authorize the destruction of, such a number of those feral animals as is, in his opinion, necessary to ensure the preservation of the habitat or of the wildlife in the area.

    (2)     An authority given under subsection (1) authorizes the person named therein to enter the area named in the authority, to take firearms and traps into the area named in the authority and to take, capture, kill and have in his possession animals in the area named in the authority.

    (3)     In this section "feral animal" includes an animal of a domesticated species which is living in a wild state.

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