Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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Plans of management

    (1)     As soon as practicable after a park or reserve has been declared, the Commission shall prepare a plan of management in respect of that park or reserve taking into account such public opinion as is known to it.

    (2)     The plan of management may include provisions in relation to an area that is proposed to be added to the park or reserve, but those provisions shall not have effect until the area is added to the park or reserve.

    (3)     The plan of management shall set out a detailed description of the manner in which it is proposed to manage the park or reserve and shall include:

        (a)     a general description of any existing or proposed buildings, structures, facilities or other development; and

        (b)     a detailed description of any excavation, works or other operations, other than excavation, works or other operations relating to mining interests, that may be carried on,

in the park or reserve.

    (4)     Where a plan of management provides for excavation, works or other operations, other than excavation, works or other operations relating to a mining interest, it shall set out the conditions, if any, that are to be applicable.

    (5)     In the preparation of the plan of management, regard shall be had to the following objects:

        (a)     in the case of a park – the encouragement and regulation of the appropriate use, appreciation and enjoyment of the park by the public;

        (b)     in the case of a reserve – the regulation of the use of the reserve for the purpose for which it was declared;

        (c)     the preservation of the park or reserve in its natural condition and the protection of its special features, including objects and sites of biological, historical, palaeontological, archaeological, geological and geographical interest;

        (d)     the protection, conservation and management of wildlife within the park or reserve; and

        (e)     the protection of the park or reserve against damage.

    (5A)     Notwithstanding anything in subsection (5), a plan of management may propose the use of a particular part or parts of a park or reserve for a purpose which involves restricting public access thereto.

    (6)     The plan of management may provide for the division of the park or reserve into zones and set out the conditions under which each zone shall be kept and maintained.

    (7)     When the Commission has prepared the plan of management, it shall, by public notice:

        (a)     state that the plan has been prepared;

        (b)     invite interested persons to make representations in connection with the plan by such date, not being less than one month after the date of publication of the notice in the Gazette , as is specified in the notice;

        (c)     specify an address or addresses at which copies of the plan may be inspected or purchased; and

        (d)     specify an address to which representations in connection with the plan may be forwarded.

    (8)     A person may, not later than the date specified in the notice, make representations to the Commission in connection with the plan of management, and the Commission shall give due consideration to any representations so made and, if it thinks fit, alter the plan accordingly.

    (9)     The Commission shall thereupon forward to the Minister for presentation to the Administrator:

        (a)     the plan of management; and

        (b)     if representations have been made under subsection (8) – those representations, together with the comments of the Commission on those representations.

    (10)     The Administrator may accept the plan of management as so submitted or after making such alterations as the Administrator thinks fit.

    (11)     Where the Administrator makes alterations to a plan of management under subsection (10), the Administrator shall prepare a report specifying the alterations, and the report shall accompany the plan when it is laid before the Legislative Assembly under section 19.

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